Stereoisomerism Preparation and Properties

Stereoisomerism Preparation and Properties

→ In stereoisomerism, the position of atoms in different isomers is different. The compounds that have the same composition and sequence of covalent bonds but differ in relative positions of their atoms or groups in space are called stereoisomers.

→ This special type of isomerism is called stereoisomerism and the isomers are called as stereoisomers.

The stereo isomers can he classified into two main groups:

  • Configurational isomerism
  • Conformational isomerism

Stereoisomerism Preparation and Properties

→ Large amount of energy (chemical energy) is required for interconversion of these isomers as in this conversion, old bonds are broken and new bonds are formed. The energy required for the process should be more than loo kJ/mol. On the contrary, conformational isomers are interconvertible at room temperature, because their interconversion energy is very less, which can be obtained at room temperature only. Configuration isomers are not interconvertible at room temperature.

→ Configurational isomers are again classified into two groups:

  • Geometrical Isomerism
  • Optical Isomerism.

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