Biological Importance of Osmosis Chemistry Notes

Biological Importance of Osmosis Chemistry Notes

Biological Importance of osmosis :

→ Osmosis does not take place in isotonic solution for example, the osmotic pressure of liquid present in blood cell is equal to 0.9% w/V sodium chloride solution. So, the concentration fo saline water of NaCl to be inject in veins is also 0.9% w/V. If solution of more concentration from this concentration is injected then the blood cells present in veins will contract.

Biological Importance of Osmosis Chemistry Notes

→ Water is reached in upper parts of stem through roots followed by stem through osmosis. Meat is presreved by adding salt and fruits are preserved by adding sugar (in the from of pickles). Water is eliminated from meat or pickles by this process so that bacteria could not developed in them.

→ During preparation of pickles, first of all, the pieces of raw mangoes are placed in concentrated salt. Water is eliminated from epidermis of mangoes by osmosis. So, the pieces of mangoes are completely dried by which the pickles can be made easily.

→ If vegetables are kept outside for sometime then these become soft. If these are placed in water for some time then these regain their original hardness and lustre. In this position, the compensation of water is due to osmosis of fresh water.

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